9+ Ways to Decorate Trees for Halloween 2023 [with DIY Guide]

The time of year that celebrates Halloween is almost near. This means you need to start thinking about and shopping for Halloween decorations as soon as possible. 

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive to make an impression. This is particularly true for yearly celebrations such as Halloween. It does not make sense to invest so much money if your goal is to replace your holiday decorations annually with new ones. To decorate for this time of year, all you really need is a little bit of imagination, regardless of whether your theme is cute or simply terrifying. Today, I’ll show you some of the coolest methods to decorate your Halloween Tree in 2022.

Halloween Tree Decoration in Dollar Tree

If the expense of Halloween decorations is the aspect of the holiday that scares you the most, then I have a trick that might end up being a real pleasure for you. If you’re on a tight budget but still want to decorate your home, the Dollar Tree is a great place to look. It is an excellent resource for crafting items and other things you may alter to make Halloween decorations. They provide many Halloween decorating shopping lists for beginners. You can simply follow their instructions and shop online to adorn your home!

Lighted Ceramic Halloween Tree

The classic antique ceramic Christmas trees have made a great revival in recent seasons, which makes the Halloween versions have grown in popularity. Michaels created a black ceramic Halloween tree that quickly sold out online last year. This darker, creepier version of the iconic ceramic Christmas tree ornament was a huge hit. A black tree with purple and orange lights and a jack-o-lantern topping is one of many beautiful Halloween decorations available at the craft shop. 

Amazon offers a very similar tree, which has just returned to stock. The sole difference between the trees is that the Michaels tree’s base is completely black, whilst Amazon’s version is orange with black text across the bottom. If you want one of last year’s most-wanted Halloween décor items, you’ll need to act quickly! 

Dead & Ghost Tree Halloween Decoration Ideas

  • Make use of printable bat silhouettes 
  • Blank and white pumpkins 
  • Spider webs may be created using twigs and thread.
  • String lights may be used to create the desired mood.
  • Make the appropriate warning sign and place it on the tree trunk.
  • Show a skeleton trying to escape the trees.
  • Make scary eyeballs for your tree.
  • String lights may be used to create sculptural trees.

Pallet Wood Halloween Decoration Ideas

  • Wood Pumpkin

The season of pumpkins is upon us, and we prefer to have a combination of both natural and artificial ones. These miniature wicked pallet wood pumpkins are perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit. The best part is that you can shape them yourself at home, which means they will survive longer and can be utilized every year for the festival of the dead.

  • Wood Coffin Candy Dish

Want to impress your Halloween guests? Make a coffin dish out of pallets and store candy and a skeleton within. It will appear appealing at the front door. I am sure there are many other candy dish holders and plates available online, but this one is definitely eye-catching.

  • Halloween Signboard

To ensure that your Halloween party is a success, you can hang a welcoming ‘Happy Halloween’ sign on your front entrance to welcome your visitors. It will be great if you find some wood pallets in your backyard since you’ll save a lot of money. Consider these DIY pallet wood ‘Happy Halloween’ welcome boards, which are charming enough to make your Halloween party enjoyable and attractive. They will quickly make your entryway seem more inviting.

Outdoor Halloween Tree Decoration Ideas

Halloween is a great time to decorate your garden with a scary theme!  Aside from putting a Holloween tree outdoor, here are some outdoor Halloween tree decorations ideas that will certainly inspire you to turn your garden into a temporary graveyard.

  • Jack-o’-lanterns made from pumpkins may either be carved or painted. Pumpkins and several other tiny props may also be used to create an outside décor for you to display. Another option is to create a pumpkin topiary. Place them near the trees on the steps and close to the entrance of your house
  • Use your imagination and the abilities you’ve acquired from doing DIY projects to transform a plant into a scary creature. It would be ideal if the eyes and teeth were made of paper or plastic and had pointed tips. You can also place large fake eyeballs in nearby bushes. 
  • You may also give the appearance that your garden is haunted by emulating a cemetery by placing a few tombstones and hanging a few skeletons from the trees.

You can also make your garden look scarier by adding these additional decorations

  • A full-size witch figure 
  • A bunch of white sheets (make them look like white ghosts)
  • Display skeletons
  • Fake coffin

DIY Halloween Hanging Tree Decoration

Make your Halloween tree seem really terrifying with these fantastically easy-to-make stencil decorations. These simple decorations are produced using ordinary craft items and can be readily tweaked and personalized to your preference. 

  • Craft hanging paper bats
  • Make miniature nasty pumpkins out of balloons
  • To animate your environment, use simple paper eyeballs
  • Glow sticks and toilet paper rolls 

Cut out eyeballs in old toilet paper rolls, insert light sticks, and position them in random bushes late at night to frighten people going by.

  • Paint Chip Pumpkin Garland 

Materials needed: 

paint chips

hole punch


small piece of card stock

black marker

waxed cotton or string 

  1. Start by getting orange, yellow, and red paint chips and a pumpkin shape
  2. Google pictures’ “line drawing” category to get a pumpkin form. 
  3. Print the shape on paper to provide thickness for tracing.
  4. Trace your form on the back of the paint chip (so there are no pencil markings on the front), cut it out, and thread it onto waxed cotton.
  5. Add character to the pumpkin garland by drawing jack-o’-lanterns and comical expressions.

DIY Halloween Witch Hitting Tree Decoration

When one thinks of Halloween, many frightening creatures come to mind, but a witch stands out among them.  Transform this frightening creature into something a bit more entertaining and demonstrate that not all witches are capable of flying by giving it wings. It is a fun, simple, and quick activity to make this traditional “witch-hitting tree” Halloween décor.

Step 1: Cut wood and pool noodles.

Cut the wood with a chop saw after you acquired your materials. Cut two 16-inch and two 22-inch pieces. Cut a green pool noodle into two 16-inch pieces and the other noodles into 22-inch lengths. You will then need to cut pool noodles lengthwise to fit the wood inside. 

Step 2: Arm a witch

Insert smaller wood pieces into smaller green pool noodle pieces, leaving 2 inches protruding. Put monster hands on the end of pool noodles. 

Step 3: Arms

When connecting the arms to a tree, make sure both thumbs are looking up towards the sky. Place the first arm on the tree and hammer two nails into it. Now, hammer the second arm on the other side of the tree, ensuring the cape covers half of each arm.

Step 4: Legs

Leave 2 inches of wood protruding from longer pool noodles. Stripe both pool noodles to make witch’s legs. Attach the legs like the arms, ensuring the cape covers roughly a third of the legs. To calculate the right spacing between the arms and legs, hold the cape up around the arms and measure 6 to 8 inches up the tree from the bottom of the cape; connect the legs at that point.

Step 5: Cape 

Place the hood-cape seam 5 inches above the arms. You’ll need a helper to hold the cape as you stretch it out to cover the arms and legs. Once positioned, staple five evenly-spaced staples along the seam to the tree. Cover staples with hood. Now attach the cape to the arms and legs to secure it in place.

Step 6: Attach other items

Place wig brow 7 inches above cape. Depending on the length of your wig, alter its height. Then attach the wig to the tree. Place the hat over the wig stop and staple it to the tree (the hat should dangle a few inches above the cape). The hat simply needs three staples.

Step 7: Broom placing

The broom will be placed on the leg and a nail (you may create a witch’s broom or buy in stores). Place the broom at an angle on the leg’s wooden section with the bristles sloping downward. Make sure the bristles peek out from beneath the cape. Use a nail to secure the broom. If you nail or screw the broom handle into the tree, it may shatter or split.

Step 8: Shoes

Place the black heeled shoes on the legs, and then cover them with the witch shoe coverings to keep them in place.

DIY Halloween Tree Pumpkin Decoration [Trash-Made]

Looking for a unique Halloween pumpkin decoration? Here’s a step-by-step instruction for you! This rustic DIY trash pumpkin is eco-friendly, which is pefect for your Halloween tree. I am sure no one will believe it was made from your trash.

Step 1: Place crumpled newspaper in a plastic shopping bag and secure the handles with a knot.

Step 2: Pull up the handles and tape them. Scissors may be used to remove the top.

Step 3: Make ribbed portions by wrapping string around the bag and tying it tightly. Secure the twine by tying the two ends together.

Step 4: Add water to a bowl of paper mache pulp and mix well. Form forms with the paper mache once it has been well mixed.

Step 5: On a little piece of pumpkin, create the paper mache on it. Save the stem until last so you can use it to flip the pumpkin over when you’ve finished covering the top part of it. To maintain the pumpkin’s form, work the paper mache into the ridges. Set away for a day or two to allow the paint to dry fully before using.

Step 6: Turn the pumpkin upside down in a basin after it has dried. Add paper mache to the bottom and allow it to dry thoroughly again.

Step 7: It’s time to add some color to the pumpkin and the stem! To emphasize the ridges, apply a thin coat of the same taupe paint diluted in water. A moist towel may be used to soften the edges of the application. Allow enough time for the paint to dry fully.

DIY Halloween Creepy Doll Head Tree Decoration 

  1. For the stitching, we used kid-friendly plastic beading lace. Live plants will degrade embroidery thread.
  2. Remove the doll’s head from its body using a hacksaw, utility knife, or rotary tool with a cutting blade. Cut off superfluous hair from the doll’s scalp.
  3. Face removal begins beneath the chin. Use what works. We removed the head using a hacksaw and utility scissors.
  4. Use another doll’s face or the same one. Drill 1/8″ holes around the aperture. Don’t tangle the drill bit in the doll’s hair.
  5. Same bit for face holes. Use scrap wood to protect your work surface. Face holes should match head holes.
  6. Cross-stitch the face with plastic lace/thread.
  7. Blacken eyes and lips with paint or permanent marker. Add blood around eyes and/or lips with crimson paint. Add piercings, fangs, or a third eye.
  8. Add window screen to the head to retain soil in place and drain water. Plant in the brain.
  9. Use a string to hold it tight and place in the Halloween Tree

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