A Guide To Upcycle Old Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces [For Kids]

In our home, there have been a lot of riddles. Because my older kid is now too big for some of them, we will give them to my younger son. You may repurpose your old puzzle pieces to make the remaining ones, just as we do.

If your home is anything like mine, you are always searching for missing items. I suppose that they are destined to perish beside the loose socks. Therefore, it is inevitable that we will end up with a large number of outdated puzzle pieces that we are unable to dispose of or donate.

The question now is: what should we do with those unused parts of the puzzle? Reuse and recycle them. You can put them to use in an infinite variety of ways. Magnets are always my first choice. However, my refrigerator hasn’t been opened since before my first child was born, so I figured I’d explore a few more possibilities for the old jigsaw pieces.

You are welcome to include your kid in the making of any of these masterpieces. To begin, you might instruct them to make roses or to design a floral arrangement to decorate picture frames or any other object that will be used for special occasions.

Making a pin or broach is my favorite kind of design, and I first learned how to do it while my kid was in preschool. You should let your child decorate it in whichever way their little hearts want, adding sequins and glitter as they go. After that, just attach a pin to the back using hot glue. Take advantage of a moment of celebration to flaunt it.

A gaming box is another possibility for reusing your old puzzle pieces. Make do with a cardboard box to store all of your more compact board games and card collections. After sorting the pieces of the jigsaw into their respective colors, we arranged them in a rainbow-like arrangement using glue. The construction of a nice and suitable play box is much too simple.

Making decorations out of your old puzzle pieces is the ultimate and most beautiful option to repurpose those pieces. If the jigsaw pieces aren’t already white, paint them using white paint. Sprinkle glitter all over or use glitter paint. Glue them into the shape of a snowflake, and then wrap ribbon around it so that it may be hung from your Christmas tree, from the ceiling, or from the rod of a window.

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