A Unique Idea To Decorate Your Wine Rack

When I was visiting a thrift shop, I came across a wine rack, and I thought to myself that I could easily sell it for a profit. After some consideration, I came to the conclusion that corking the country wine rack would be an understated approach to alter its look.

After giving the wine rack a coat of creamy white paint, I distressed the surface using sandpaper.

I separated the two ends by unscrewing the wooden knobs that were holding them together. I prepared champagne corks by drilling holes in them so that they could be screwed onto the bolts with ease.

After applying some wood glue to the bolts and corks, I was able to join them together.

It’s possible that I could have converted this into a towel rack, but I decided that by corking the country wine rack, I could make it seem more unique and wacky.

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