Hello, and welcome to this wonderful place!

In addition to being a mother and a wife to a wonderful family, I have an unmistakable passion for art and a heavy heart for this world.

My interests include repurposing, thrifting, mending, and making things.

You may even be familiar with the topic I’m discussing… You secretly put parts away, and then your partner discovers them and asks, “Are you SAVING this?” Believe me when I say that in due time people will come around and support you in your endeavor if it is something that you feel very strongly about.
I like finding beauty in things that most people overlook, and I want to demonstrate to you that it is not essential to purchase everything in its brand-new form. What’s the point of doing anything like that anyway?!

A word of caution: once you figure out an upcycling technique, there’s no turning back! 🙂

After making the decision to leave my professional job during the pandemic, I decided to start a website called Viral Upcycle. I wanted to fulfill what I saw to be my primary responsibility and spend more time with my children at home.

At the same time, I felt an intense urge to begin devoting more time to activities in which I take great pleasure, such as upcycling, conserving, repairing, and producing.

What had I done to be ready for this endeavor… I was by no means raised in an affluent family, so I am well aware of the value of a dollar that has been earned with effort. I have never lost my basic desire to save resources and make no unnecessary expenditures. During my time spent as a child in the rural South, my parents and siblings instilled in me a lifelong appreciation for the visual arts.

Why Should I Use Viral Upcycle? To tell you the truth, I choose the term viral upcycle because I thought it had an interesting rhyming sound. Even if my content is never widely shared, I still want others to understand how vital it is to recycle old items into new ones.

The practice of upcycling may provide you with a beautiful and creative existence while also allowing you to live frugally and with consideration for the earth’s resources.