Best Creative Bookends With Old Toys 2023

Toys may be readily repurposed into bookends using the upcycling process. You may give them a variety of hues by painting or staining the wooden surfaces.

Get started with upcycling by acquiring toys from a variety of sources, such as resale shops. You may even go through your children’s toys if you see that they have outgrown certain items.

To begin, I removed two blocks or little square boards from each of these pallets by cutting them with a circular saw. I altered the dimensions of the wood from the pallet so that it would fit each repurposed toy that I utilized. I used wood glue and screws to link the blocks to one another in the form of an L.

I used a combination of vinegar and steel wool to give the wood an aged appearance, aging it in portions moving with the grain.

It couldn’t be simpler; just place some #000 steel wool in a jar with some vinegar and let the mixture rest for a few days. Simply painting it on will give you an immediate drab brownish gray stain.

I utilized creatures made of rigid plastic. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of ensuring that your upcycled toys are made of durable plastic in the event that you want to cut them in two using a chop saw.

A few of the dinosaurs I handled had a somewhat rubbery feel to them. I began slicing into it with a regular blade, and as soon as I did, it exploded into large pieces that flew all over the room. It goes without saying that it terrified the very daylights out of me. No harm, except the dinosaur’s stomach being ripped out. Significant education was obtained. You could try doing this using a hack saw, but I can’t provide much advice on that front.

After I had cut the toy figurines out, I sprayed them with a silver metallic spray paint made by Rustoleum.

I used E6000 adhesive to join the two ends of the recycled toys to each other.

You may also be interested in the chalkboard, the graphic tray, or the rustic stand.

It is a lot of fun to make bookends out of old toys, whether you do it for yourself or for your children.

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