Best Upcycled Lamp and Lightening 2022

In addition to the electrical expertise, I received in the Army, making my own recycled lighting is a fantastic method for me to use my creative side.


When you consider that you have to learn at the speed of light, it amazes me that I have managed to remember any knowledge at all. haha.

We moved into our current home in 1960, six years after I had left the military service. One of the very first chores was getting rid of an old glass hanging tiled brass chandelier that dated from the 1960s to the 1970s.

After seeing it without any of the glass panels, I came to the conclusion that the skeleton was interesting to look at.

When it was all through, I was left with a circular wheel that had a nice appearance and was enjoyable to duplicate.


I used hammered bronze spray paint to cover all of the brass that was sprayed (Rust-oleum from Home Depot). Instantaneously, it was elevated to a more refined level while retaining its earthy quality.

It was still rather grizzly so I added some branchy vines to give my own personal touch to the soil. I used twine in a few different spots to attach them to the item.

You may create your own upcycled lights by starting with an outdated and uninteresting light fixture and adding your own unique twist to it. Make sure, however, that the wiring is handled by an experienced professional.

It is one of a kind and complements the eclectic look that I’ve been going for recently wonderfully.

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