Best Upcycled Valentine Craft 2023 [Beginner Guide]

Do you want a simple upcycling project that can bring some adorable country charm to your house this year? Put your crafting skills to the test with these XOXO-themed rustic Valentine décor.

Considering that one of my goals for this year is to infuse more of my personality into my house, I decided that a simple and quick approach to make a temporary alteration to my mantle would be to add this adorable display of hugs and kisses.

These XOXO decorations may be displayed on any flat surface; a mantle is not required. They would look wonderful displayed on a dresser, buffet, or counter. Even after Valentine’s Day has passed, I can repurpose the Valentine’s Day decorations by displaying them in a new way.

The following is a list of the materials that I used to build the rustic Valentine’s Day decorations:

To address the X’s:

Branches that are rather broad and straight, are clipped to the appropriate length. I trimmed all four so that they were the same length. The branches were given a whitewash.

I used either twine or hemp to bind the two pieces together. Several times around the circumference

Regarding the O’s:

These kinds of rustic Valentine’s Day decorations would look wonderful with a touch of barbed wire. I had lots of extra tomato cages, so I just cut the top rings off of four of them and used them instead. I really wanted to utilize it, but I didn’t have any of it accessible.

Once again, I used twine to tie everything together.

You can go a lot bigger. Once again, I made do with what I had. You may try painting them a different color to see if that helps. These XOXO rustic Valentine’s Day decorations would be complete with the addition of a lovely plum.

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