Creative Use for Old Plastic Pumpkins [2023 Autumn]

Upcycling is something that I strive to do whenever I make new holiday items so that I don’t have to feel terrible about spending money on new holiday decorations. If you choose to decorate your home for autumn this year using plastic pumpkins, as I have, you will have peace of mind when it comes time to buy flowers to round off the look of your fall table settings.

You’re probably familiar with those nondescript pumpkins made of plastic that serve as a trick-or-trademark treater’s accessory. I embellished it and turned it into a flower pot in the shape of a pumpkin. Using pumpkins in this fashion for autumnal decoration is the simplest option.

The steps I used to paint the plastic pumpkin are as follows: (Affiliate links are provided for your convenience, see disclosure.)

You will need enamel paints for this project. I started with an off-white background and then added white on top of that. When seen in direct light, it still retains a very little transparent appearance.

After that, I used two different types of glitter that I felt would look well together (gold and copper), and you can purchase a wide variety of glitter at either Michaels or JoAnn. After that, I added some Mod Podge to the mixture and painted it on. There is also the option of using glitter paste or glitter bond.

I used twine to wrap the plastic handle, and then I applied some hot glue at various points along the route.

I finished off the autumn pumpkin decorations by stuffing them with a variety of flowers that I had acquired from Dollar Tree and Michaels.

This year, instead of using real pumpkins for autumn décor, consider using plastic pumpkins instead. They make great flower pots and centerpieces.

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