DIY Storage Boxes From Cardboard

Paperboard containers for storage may often be obtained at no cost… I’m going to demonstrate a cost-effective and attractive method of organizing using nothing more than cardboard boxes.

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Because I am such a stickler for cleanliness and order, showing you images of the space in its previous state was not high on my priority list. Even to me, it was quite humiliating.

I’m sure you can relate to the precise locations in your home where you store all of your various gadgets, such as thread, glue, tools, and the other items you collect because you comfort yourself that you will eventually find a purpose for them.

I do succeed in getting to it in the end. I use up all of my arts and crafts supplies as though they were going to be discontinued soon. It happened so often that it shouldn’t have taken me more than ten minutes to locate that one item or that other thing that I need.

When I had to reduce everything from a whole art room down to just one tall shelf, the issue became more difficult. As concealing them became part of the equation, it became vital to organize everything using cardboard boxes.

I was carrying about three square baskets, and all of them were full.

I set aside a couple of dozen paperboard boxes in order to better arrange them (aka- cardboard boxes)

Because I did not want the cardboard boxes to protrude higher than the wicker baskets, I measured their heights and chopped them all down to a height of six inches.

I wrapped everything with wrapping paper that I purchased from Dollar Tree. It cost $3 for all three. Definitely a good investment.

I used some adhesive to make the cardboard boxes seem like presents, and then I covered them in wrapping paper, glued them, and folded the inside down and taped them as well.

Reusing cardboard boxes in this manner is an excellent idea, and being organized absolutely demands that you do it (and my sanity).

What kinds of paperboard organizing boxes or stations have you been upcycling?

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