DIY Vanity Stool: Upcycled From Old Dinning Chair

Almost immediately, it occurred to me that I might repurpose an old dining chair as a chair for my vanity. I saw this vintage treasure at one of the area’s resale shops (CHKD).

What particularly drew my attention was the design of the woodwork on the back of the piece. I had no doubt that I could repurpose this item into a chair for my vanity. My only regret is that there wasn’t more of it.

Purchasing a whole set of dining chairs is a common purchase for many people. However, I was unable to resist the impulse to take matters into my own hands and make this beauty into an upcycled vanity chair using a chair that was originally intended for the dining room.

The worn-out seat required new padding and a new covering to be properly functional. I went with a beautiful pattern that complemented the natural wood grain on the back. White paint was applied by hand using a foam roller and a Purdy brush on the repurposed vanity chair that I made.

It might have been spray-painted with equal ease, but because to the high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), I prefer to avoid doing that as much as possible. To create an attractive contrast with the white, I dyed the back a hue that looks like dark walnut.

The last stage in repurposing the vanity chair was a straightforward process. Waxing it many times using Johnson’s paste wax helped me get the desired finish. I did this several times.

Make use of your upcycling project by converting an old dining chair into a chair for use at the vanity.

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