Easy Tips for Paint Drips: An Upcycle Technique

Make better use of your paint and your time by putting these simple techniques for paint drips to work.

I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to come up with valuable upcycling advice every week. On the other hand, I have more than sufficient ideas. I just really hope that in the process I don’t upset anyone’s feathers.

The “I’m running out of paint; I have to complete this job; I can’t waste a drop!” epiphany prompted me to think of the upcycling idea I’m sharing with you today.

If you’re only going to use the gallon bucket that the paint came in, you don’t need to go out and purchase those cheap pricey devices to avoid accumulation on the lid. The upcycle technique works like this:

These are the steps for this upcycling hint:

Get your jar of paint or your gallon-sized paint bucket ready. The next step is to take any kind of craft or garden wire, roll it out to twice the size of the circle of the entrance of the container, and then cut it.

You will need to wind your wire completely around the container until it is just below the entrance. To further secure it, tuck it beneath the rim or the handle. To secure the connection, twist the wire. Then, take the remainder of the wire and wrap it over the top (the center of the container), securing it or twisting it at the opposite side of the container.

This not only serves as a place to rest your brush, but it also reduces the amount of paint that is lost down the sides of your containers as it dries. To remove any extra paint from the wire, run your newly dipped paintbrush over it.

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