How To Create a Belt Shadow Box? [Easy at Home]

My kid trained in martial arts for a total of three years. His enthusiasm in it gradually waned as time went on. I am a pleased mother since my son completed his training and earned the rank of Junior Black Belt.

At the same time, I had the impression that I had pushed him for far too long, all the while he was pushing back against me. We gave him the option of continuing his training until he earned his black belt, which would have taken an additional six months. However, he chose not to. He went in the latter direction.

I understand. The passage of time in the eyes of a small kid might seem like a decade to us. However, I was aware that it was necessary for me to do some act of homage in recognition of everything that he had achieved. As a result, I decided to build a Tae Kwon Do shadow box by repurposing an item I found at a charity shop.

It was necessary for me to use each of the belts that I had stashed away for him in the closet. He also had a few medals from other tournaments, which I was eager to show off as well.

Following the cleaning process, I used some black paint to fix up the nicks in the thrift shop shadow box.

I trimmed each belt so that it was exactly the same width as the shadow box. I arranged them from best to worst, with Junior Black at the top of the list. I used a hot glue gun to attach them, with the white belt going on first. To provide extra dimension, I gave each belt a very little overlap.

I removed the medals’ ribbons and then arranged them such that their heights corresponded to their respective ranks. In addition, applying the hot glue was a simple process.

Oh, and a major piece of advice: If you’re working with hot glue, put the phone down! As can be seen, a few of them do not have a completely straight line.

I have high hopes that when he grows older, he will be able to look back at the Tae Kwon Do shadow box and recall the pride I feel in him and what he has done.

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