How To Make a DIY Paper Tapestry? [Easy for Your Kids]

Making personalized Egyptian paper tapestries along with your younger children is an upcycling activity that is both simple and enjoyable. It was something that my kid learnt in art class, and he was the one who showed me how to do it!

You will need a brown paper bag that is the size of a supermarket bag. Remove the bulk of the front by cutting it out, leaving the seams uncut.

In addition to it, you will need crayons and markers. You are going to embellish your bag once you have first cut it to the desired size from your bag. You may do research about Egyptian art and styles on the internet.

Traditionally, Egyptian paper tapestries were dyed in muted hues rather than vibrant ones. You are free to use whatever colors you choose in this project.

In addition to it, they used geometric forms in a variety of recurring patterns. The design of your paper tapestries may be completed by adding a random bird or animal here and there.

After you have achieved the look you were hoping for, wad the paper up and then do it again. Simply continue repeating this as many times as necessary until it has the consistency of cloth.

You want it to be really soft, and there shouldn’t be any noticeable wrinkles. Then you can just hang them up, smooth them down with some books, and exhibit them.

Reusing paper shopping bags in this manner results in a creative and entertaining activity for children of all ages.

You could make them extremely lavish. Considering how much I like other countries and their own traditions, making these one-of-a-kind paper tapestries inspired by Egypt was just up my alley.

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