How To Make a Halloween Costume From Recycled Materials?

Create your own witch for Halloween, and while you’re at it, see if you can upcycle or repurpose anything you currently have. Everything else, including her hair and cap, was repurposed or reused by myself. (I was able to pick up both of those items from the Dollar Tree.)

Permit me to begin by stating that my expectations for the witch did not really match up with how she developed. At first, I had the idea of giving her the head of a pumpkin, which I think would have been a bit less terrifying for the youngsters that live in our neighborhood ;).

I was already in possession of the light-up cemetery skull and hands, but I hadn’t utilized them for a few years at that point. This explains why she has such large hands.

The following items are required for your Skeleton Witch and are the ones that I used:

The body was made out of a large black garbage bag, and the outline was made out of a long-sleeved shirt.

Many use plastic garbage bags of various sizes used as filling.

A long steak or stick to prop it up, paired with a clothes hanger that does not have a bottom;

A head (skull, pumpkin, etc)

(Not real) hands, or stuffed gloves to stand in for them

Socks that are much too long and worn-out shoes

You may also use strands of yarn in place of the hair.

And a pointed cap like a witch.

Other required materials are as follows: (scissors, chalk, and glue)

Place your shirt face down on top of the black bag in such a way that the bottom of the bag resembles her skirt. First, you caulk an outline of it, and then you cut it out, being sure to leave the top sealed save for a little hole. The hanger should be inserted into this hole before proceeding.

Then glue the sides and arms together forming a dress.  The spray adhesive glue (Elmers Craft Bond) works much better as I found out after I started stuffing and she was literally busting out her seams.

Stuff your long socks with plastic bags that you’ve been intending to recycle but haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. Put them in whatever old shoe you have lying around.

The next step is to insert your hanger so that it can be hung, and then run the long pole through the center and out of the little hole at the top. The pole has to go into the ground.

Begin packing your witch body (around the pole), only doing so to the extent necessary to fill it. After being crumpled, the plastic bags will regain their original size.


To make it more stable, I drove the pole into the ground through this metal ledge that was set up as a seat.


I completed the look by giving her some accessories. For Halloween, you may create your very own witch by utilizing materials that you can either upcycle or reuse this year.

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