How To Make a No-Sew Bunting Banner? [Easy for Beginners]

Try your hand at making this simple chart and flag bunting garland this summer. My version is simple, and there is no sewing involved!

In order to make the line, I utilized hemp cording. I chopped it down to approximately 10 to 12 feet in length so that I could use it as decoration for my mantel and also in the tent that I use for my market.

I utilized Army nautical charts as the basis for the content. (You are free to use whatever map you choose.) To begin, I took a sheet of paper board and cut out a template from it (any old cereal box will do).

I needed triangles for the flag bunting garland, so I sliced the paper board to make a diamond pattern or template. This allowed me to make the triangles I desired. I removed around 11 of them.

I left a gap of approximately half an inch to an inch between each one. It is simpler if you use an odd number of flags since this will ensure that it is centered when you are through. For instance, I used 11 in total, with one in the middle and five on each side.

Wrap the hemp cording or twine around anything that is easily accessible to you, and then tie it off. I made one in my kitchen by tying the twine to the handles of the cabinetry, and I did another one outdoors on my deck.

Locate the center of the diamond, and then run a bead of hot glue down the center of the notch. Create the triangle by folding the center section over onto your drawn line. To finish off the closure, string a few more beads along each of the seams.

Remove any accesses that aren’t perfectly aligned with the triangle.

You now have a simple chart and flag bunting garland that is both enjoyable and economical to use.

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