How To Refinish Stains on Wood Furniture for Beginners?

I’ve been longing for a new table, but I paid much too much for the one I have now—one thousand dollars—when I got it in 2006, so I knew I had to make do with what I had while also making some minor adjustments to the other pieces of furniture in my dining room.

Despite the fact that I believe I’ve outgrown it, it does have certain benefits, such as keeping our Akita beast from eating our food (I love her anyway). It can seat between six and seven people and has storage space below.

After some time has passed, the placemats that have been laid out for the children will begin to suffocate your wood, and you will start to notice wear and tear.

And if you put the strap thing on the high chairs, it will start eating when you are done, just as mine has done.

Therefore, as an alternative to purchasing brand new pieces, I refinished the worn spots on the furniture in my dining room by applying a fresh coat of stain over the parts that had peeled and scratched the finish (the closest I could get).

I went with a stain that looked like dark walnut. A couple of tablespoons’ worth of the stain was transferred to a cup by me. I just stained the rough areas with a little paintbrush that has been used before.

After allowing the stain to set in for around ten to fifteen minutes, I cleaned it away. After allowing it to dry, I restored the coating by applying Johnson’s furniture wax to it in a circular motion.

I could have applied a layer of polycrylic on top of it to properly preserve it, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to go a week without using our table.

I saved a lot of time and money by simply giving the furniture in my dining room a fresh coat of paint. Even while it does not seem to be brand new, it also does not appear to be in really poor condition. It really brings out the essence of the piece.

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