How To Repurpose an Antique Wash Stand?

At other times, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the rational folks who make intelligent use of Craigslist. When I discovered the potential to give an old wash stand a more modern appearance, I was ecstatic. However, the asking price of one hundred dollars was completely out of the question.

I went into the conversation with the understanding that the item required a significant amount of maintenance, and I was able to negotiate a price of sixty dollars with the vendor. An antique wash stand in very excellent condition can often be found in antique stores for a price ranging from one hundred to one fifty dollars.

Therefore, I was aware that in order to turn a profit, I would need to upcycle it in a way that would make it more applicable in today’s world.

I began by hand sanding the surface with a sanding block that had a fine grain. On the drawer fronts, there were multiple gouges and pieces of damaged veneer that needed to be filled in. I used a wood filler that could be stained.

After I stained the antique washstand, there were some sad “here I am” sections where the previous owner had used non-stainable filler. These locations were marked with the phrase “here I am.”

As a result, in order to conceal such areas tastefully, I chose to distress the drawer fronts using paints in shades of white and teal.

There was significant wear and tear on the rear of the antique washstand. I got rid of all of the splintered wood as well as the old brace. I utilized large concrete screws to provide a secure attachment of the top to the rear using the preexisting holes.

After measuring it out, I used my skill saw to cut a piece of solid wood veneer to use as the replacement backing.

The last stage was to attach the legs in a manner that was analogous to the previous steps. The legs I added was 9 inches long, and after I attached them to the base, the washstand was around 6 inches tall. Antique washstands are often quite small.

I started by removing the existing feet from the base of the cabinet before attaching the corner brackets with screws. I gave the legs a white faded look.

Sanding or removing the paint off the drawers of the antique washstand and removing the legs are the steps that need to be followed in order to return the stand to its original condition.

If you give an old wash stand a modern makeover, you may use it as a buffet table, a small chest, an entrance table, or even a vanity sink in the bathroom!

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