How To Repurpose an Old Writing Desk?

In my head, I’ve always had a house by the water, so I repurposed an old writing desk into a desk that looks like it’s been around the globe.

It is obvious that it has been used because of its large top and massive, curving legs. I felt obligated to acknowledge its maturity while praising its cottage chic vibe.

Before it was repurposed, it was made of solid wood, which makes it very durable as well as rather attractive.

This ancient item is rather large. It is somewhat comical that it was being marketed as a little hardwood desk at one point. But I was eager to take on the task of giving it a country-chic appearance.


Through the use of paint, stain, and wax, I gave it a more girly appearance. First, I had to smooth it out with some sandpaper. I gave the whole item a quick pass with the sandpaper simply to roughen up the finish.

I sanded the flat lettering area all the way down to the stain and then finished it off. It took about an hour of sanding to get this (at the time, not very) cottage chic desk ready for the paint effect since it was a little obstinate.

I started by priming it and painting it a teal hue initially. After that, I painted parts with a fairly heavy coat of basic blue throughout. To get the image of a cottage chic interior, I painted the whole piece in a bright white.

At this point, it was prepared to be distressed. My favorite part. I gave the areas that generally show the greatest wear and tear a thorough sanding with a coarser grit.

I removed practically all of the layers of paint off the surface of the writing area. I used a combination of vintage maps and Mod Podge to cover the drawers.

A warm sheen was achieved by waxing the whole surface of the cottage chic desk. I used the original pulls, which were made of aged brass. They already had the ideal patina for the job.

This was the ideal desk to use as the basis for a weathered and rustic-looking cottage desk. It seems like it may serve very well as a craft or art table.

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