How To Upcycle Your Chalk Pins and Necklaces for New Year’s Eve?

Try something different with hats and tiaras for New Year’s Eve party favors this year. You’ll be the hit of the party! The recycled New Year’s Resolve chalk pins and necklaces make it simple to proclaim a resolution and proudly display it on one’s clothing.

We will have a better chance of accomplishing our objectives for the next year if we share them with the whole world.

These entertaining and affordable party rewards are made by reusing existing boxes and ingredients that are already in the host’s possession.

The following are the necessary supplies for the party favors:

Paperboard boxes, clips (for instructions on how to salvage shop hangers, see this page), glitter, vintage beaded necklaces, and chalk paint are the materials you’ll need.

You may give your cardboard or paperboard whatever shape you like by cutting it into the desired form. The paint should be applied to the chalkboard.

Make your party favors sparkle with glitter in the design of your choosing. I came up with a couple of colors at random. I placed transparent jewels on each point of the stars, which represent the females. I also hung some beads from it, and I included a feather. I chose to keep things quite simple for the circles, or the lads.

On the back of the stars, I affixed the clip with some hot glue. Beaded necklaces were attached to the back of the circles using hot glue.

This year, try surprising your guests with something a little bit unique.

Just make sure that you provide your guests with some chalk so that they can write their resolutions on the upcycled New Year’s resolution chalk pins and necklaces when they are ready to do so.

I really hope that every one of you has a nice New Year’s Eve!

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