Instruction for Painting an Africa Daisy [Step by Step]

At the secondhand shop, I looked around and saw an antique doctor’s stool. The vinyl seat and chrome legs immediately drew my attention to the art deco style. Because I wanted to draw attention to how funky it was, I decided to pair it with an industrial stool that was inspired by boho flowers.

This is going to be a really enjoyable lesson since I’m going to provide you with detailed directions on how to paint flowers on the industrial medical stool. You could paint this pretty much anywhere, but I decided to do it on this stool.

The actual paint is the sole thing that makes painting a flower in steps on this material significantly different from painting the same flower on a canvas, for example. Another post regarding paints may be found here.

To put it simply, you need to make use of enamel paints if you are painting on vinyl or any other non-porous surface (such as plastic or metal). You should be able to locate them at any craft shop, such as Michaels. To make things easier for you, I’ve included an affiliate link in this post; for more information, go here.

I was browsing Pinterest when I came across a picture of a stunning African daisy; you can see it here. I’m sorry, but I was unable to locate the original link in order to give credit where it’s due. It is breathtaking. Therefore, I attempted to reproduce it using paint.

Instructions for painting a flower in the form of a step-by-step guide for an African daisy:

  1. Begin with the flower’s center since this will be the point of reference for determining the size of the pedals.
  2. I am sorry that the following few step-by-step instructions for painting flowers do not include any photographs. Paint circular diamonds (petals) that are butted up to the center, being careful to leave a gap in between for the next row of diamonds.
  3. To create shadows that are more natural-looking, use lighter shades of blue and gray to deepen the center of the (first row of) petals. Paint thin lines to fill in the inside of the petal, reducing the thickness of the stroke as you get closer to the petal’s edge.
  4. As you can see in the picture that follows, I painted the second round of petals in between the first round such that they overlapped each other somewhat.
  5. Paint a very faint shadow over this round of the top petals, bringing the brush closer to the center of the flower but stopping short. In the same way, that light would normally impact.
  6. Attach tails to each petal in the shape of a long S, alternating the directions that they face. This line will serve as a guide for filling in the exterior of the area that has been curled. If you want the white “tails” to have a crisp appearance after you have finished painting the petal, you may need to paint them again.
  7. Beginning at the junctions or valleys of each petal, use the color purple to outline the outsides of each curve. Proceed down the curved path on the other side, bringing it around to its starting point.
  8. Using pinks, purples, and plums, fill in the empty spaces on the underside of the petals. With the exception of the flipped end, immediately blend the colors together while the paint is still wet and gradually lighten them as you go toward the tip of the petal.
  9. Using a sunburst effect, paint the inside of the circle with a very dark blue that is almost black.
  10. Decorate the arrangement with white in the shape of a star or five-petaled flowers. To do this, drop your brush straight down (as if you were about to dot it), then swiftly draw it up and away from the center. Add blue dots within. Yellow flowers should be stitched all the way around the edge of the center instead of the white ones.
  11. Add a touch of white to the petals of your flower. To finish off the look of the petals, draw a thin border around the outside of each one. Because of this, the flower will have more dimension and definition.

I truly hope that these directions for painting flowers step by step were understandable and can be replicated with little effort. Happy painting!

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