Instruction on Dining Chair Makeover [Child-Friendly]

When you think of your children sitting in the dining room, what comes to mind? If you are anything like me, you probably picture a lot of bibs, placemats, and towels used to cover the seats. This is how I imagine it to be.

Scrubbing it over and over again and attempting to preserve it so that it doesn’t become stained is a never-ending task for me. Therefore, allow me to demonstrate how to include one thing in your dining area that is appropriate for children.

The unfortunate truth is that despite our best efforts to preserve the condition of the dining room furniture, stains on the cloth, peeling veneer, and scratches on the tabletop are inevitable over time.

Protecting your chairs in this manner is not only simple but also aesthetically pleasing. Replace the existing fabric on the seats with any stunning material you choose. Really!?! Yes, and after you’ve done that, recover it in a see-through, heavy-duty shower curtain.

I used fabric from JoAnne’s and used a BHG clear shower curtain from Wal-Mart.

Of course, you could have some transparent fabric cut at a fabric shop, but if you choose to buy a shower curtain instead (which often costs less than ten dollars), you’ll receive something that’s durable, washable, and resistant to mildew.

Not only is it impervious to water and easy to clean, but it can also cover up to eight seats!!

To do this DIY, all you need is fresh fabric, a shower curtain, a staple gun (along with staples), and a screwdriver to remove and replace the seat.

Cut to the right size, then pull snug (but not too snug), and secure with staples. You will need to insert one staple into each side in order to keep it in place and get the process started (may have to pull out and adjust as you go).

Start by stapling one side, then go to the other side and finish by doing the same thing with the remaining sides.

When it comes to the corners, simply pretend that it’s a gift and fold and staple the paper until it seems sleek and well-defined (avoid making it bulky).

Because no two sets of chairs have cushions with the same dimensions and angles, you will first need to obtain a feel for that specific size before making any adjustments.

A helpful hint: covering your dining room chairs with translucent fabric is a little trickier than covering them with fabric in general. You are going to need to make extensive use of additional staples.

When all is said and done, you will have a lovely new dining room that is suitable for children. Look here for instructions on how to repair the scratches on your table and chairs.

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