Instruction on Recycled Plastic Bag Wreath [Beginner Guide]

Even though I made this wreath specifically for Halloween, you can really make a wreath out of repurposed plastic bags for any holiday or occasion.

Although I make every effort to remember to bring my reusable bags with me, there are times when I do not do so and wind up with a large number of plastic bags instead.

Even though I normally recycle the extra bags I get at the grocery store, I decided to utilize a few of them to make something a bit more interesting, like a wreath made out of repurposed plastic bags. Keep all of the excess plastic bags, particularly the colorful ones, that you finish up with and put them away. They produce the most beautiful wreaths for the holiday season. The next wreath, maybe for the Fourth of July? Look at the Valentine’s Day wreath we have here.

I had collected the newspaper covers just for this particular wreath made out of plastic bags. Yes, I do continue to purchase the paper on a sporadic basis. I put them to use in a variety of tasks, and I really appreciate the coupons. Oh, and I do check in on them every so often.

To get started, cut your plastic bags into long strips that are about 6 inches broad. Remove the handles from the top and cut the seam at the bottom of a typical supermarket bag if you are using it. This center part should be divided in half, and one of the side seams should be cut.

You should now have two shorter sections that are between 5 and 6 inches in length. You will need three individual layers of these long strips in order to create this specific floral design. Arrange them so that they are stacked on top of one another until they are all the same height.

You will wind up with pedals that have a sharp angle if you cut a half circle into the ends. Now carefully peel each layer of the plastic bags apart to divide them into their individual layers. Your plastic flower will now begin to take shape in this step.

For yet another very individual touch I went around and wrapped ribbon around the centers of every other fake flower. I added some craft eyes to the others to give them a frightening appearance. Using the same measurements for each of the flowers will allow you to create a bow. Instead of folding them, why not just knot them in a bow? After that, I used wire to attach the plastic flowers and ribbon to the wicker craft wreath that I had purchased from Goodwill for two dollars.

I can’t get over how much like candy it looks thanks to the repurposed plastic bags.

Try making a wreath out of repurposed plastic bags this year. It will outlive any synthetic or silk arrangement that you make yourself for a very long time. They are resistant to fading as well as mildew, in addition to being waterproof.

You may create a wide variety of flowers by inserting additional layers of plastic of varying colors and types. I was able to get a nice orange bag from Gymboree, which matched the bags I use for the newspaper thanks to my shopping there.

To begin, trim the craft wire to a length of approximately 10 inches. Each bloom will need its own wire. Start folding the plastic bags accordion-style at a width of approximately 2 inches and continue folding the length until it is completely folded.

Take your wire and, keeping it flat as you did when you folded it, wrap it around the center while maintaining it in that position.

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