Instruction on Upcycled Halloween Plastic Bag Wreath [Easy]

I made up my mind that instead of buying new outside decorations for Halloween this year, I would redo an old plastic bag wreath I had made the previous year. In the first article, I provided a detailed walkthrough of the process that I followed in order to create the plastic bag flowers. Since I didn’t like for the bow, I decided to experiment with other garish accessories in the same vein.

To begin, I removed the yellow ribbon and replaced it with large eyes. Take a look at how I incorporated the majority of them into the decoration of the potions and spells.

This time I decided to make rosettes in the shape of eyes. Look at this page to learn how to create the rosettes. I made use of a rag material that was black in color which I purchased from the Dollar Tree. I also used an orange vegetable or fruit netted bag (free with a purchase of an avocado).

Your net should be cut into four equal strips, with the center being rolled up from two of the strips. After that, coil the other two pieces around the first strip of rag fabric and secure them with hot glue.

Rolling it and applying hot glue to complete it are the last steps. I gave them a fuller appearance by stuffing them with plastic bags.

I also created a ribbon by winding craft wire and adhering washi tape to it. The design was appealing to me, and I thought it would look great when combined with the plastic bag wreath.

This is how I accomplished it:

Stretch out a long length of tape that has been folded under itself slightly at either end (stuck to a flat surface). In order to lay the wire down, this will help it to remain in its current position.

After you have secured the wire to the surface, use a second piece of washi tape on top of it so that it forms a sandwich around the wire.

Now that you have ribbon, you can use it to create cute tiny curling cues.

The addition of the black ribbon brought the Halloween plastic bag wreath to completion.

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