Lessons Learned by a First Year Entrepreneur

My life has been turned upside down by the launch of a brand-new company this year, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Be prepared for the fact that, for the typical entrepreneur, growth is measured in inches even if you put all you have into it. This is one of the lessons I’ve learned in my first year of the company. But it’s okay since the things that I’ve learned have far surpassed what it was that I hoped to do.

When I first started Viral Upcycle, I had a great deal of anticipation for both myself and my company. I have even surpassed them in a lot of different facets of it.

As a result of being an entrepreneur and launching a new company, I have developed my ability to stick to a budget, honed some solid ideas and projects, and educated myself on websites, search engine optimization, and other related topics.

My decision to start a new company while still raising my kid at home has not been without its share of obstacles. Even though it fills me with unimaginable happiness, I make it a point to strictly adhere to the timetables I set for myself.

It would be counterproductive for me to remain at home to work if I ignored the company of the people I care about most in the world so that I might write a blog article. On the other hand, I don’t ever want to be in a position where I regret not pursuing my passions. Therefore, I need to strike the appropriate balance, or else I may as well look for a job in the public sector again.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll have to go slowly, even when it seems like I should be rushing. We can’t all be tremendously successful, and it’s not simple to be successful when you’re starting a new firm. Occasionally, initiatives end up taking three times as long as we imagined they would. There are steep learning curves (or cliffs) associated with running a company. We experience things like becoming ill, going on vacation, and having both good and terrible days.

Beginning a new venture may be nerve-wracking, but it can also be very rewarding for the entrepreneur. My recommendation to anybody moving on this path is to pursue it. What else do you stand to lose except time if you don’t spend your whole life’s savings? Who knows what will occur if you keep all elements of your life, including your family and your company, under control. Perhaps our efforts will bear fruit!?!

I have two different quotations framed and hanging over my desk. They are blogging platforms, as well as the majority of social media (prior to this experience, I assumed that social media was a mechanism for narcissists to broadcast information about their toilet habits). All of that while being sedentary in one place.

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish.

Not All of Us Can Do Great Things but We Can Do Small Things with Great Love.

Even though I may not have made a lot of money during the first year of my new company, I am certain that the lessons I’ve learned will better prepare me for 2015 thanks to the experience I gained during that first year. I am certain that with each passing year, I will tend to this company in order to advance it even further, and in return, I will spread the love.

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