Natural Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home 2023

This week, I’m going to provide some advice on how to simply build autumn decorations using natural elements. In my post from the previous week, I discussed the seasonal decorations that are inevitably present around this time of year. That item is available for reading at this location.

Are you prepared to get your hands dirty and truly construct some autumn decorations from natural materials this time? You may do this using stuff that you have lying about your yard, garage, or attic, as well as with a few things that you have bought.

I have just now got around to pulling the dead lily stems out of my flower beds. Because I couldn’t get my hands on any corn husks or corn fields and because I’m obsessed with the appearance of dried-out corn stalks, I repurposed the dried-out stems of orange day lilies.

After they have finished blooming, you can simply remove them straight out of the ground without causing any harm to the blooms that will grow the following year. Just wait until they have lost all their moisture totally.

In the event that you do not have any orange daylilies, you can have canna lilies, which I will put to use as soon as they have become dry.

They make for picture-perfect leaves in the autumn. When working with them, you need just make a cut at the base of the stalk, taking care not to remove the bulbs or rhizomes.

You don’t have any lilies to utilize in your natural autumn decorations? Make a portion of your lawn grass far taller than the rest. After you have sliced it and let it dry, you may use it.

Include browns along with dry grapes in the mix. I utilized the wild vine that grows on my fence as my material. They were wrapped around the stems by me. After it has dried out, you may also use any sort of vine, such as Virginia creeper, clematis, or English vines. Just make sure it’s not poison ivy!

You might also use regular branches that are rather thin. Combine them with pumpkins or a bow for an autumnal look.

The question now is, what do you do with all of this natural autumn decor? That is entirely up to you to decide. Used flower pots are ideal for this purpose. I used two galvanized buckets of the same height and design as these (affiliate links provided for your convenience, see full disclosure here).

In addition to that, I hung a little grapevine wreath on the lid of each galvanized bucket. These are also available at this location of Michaels (coupon).

Just take a look at what’s available and see what ideas spring to mind. You may still locate natural autumn décor in your area even if you have the smallest of all yards if you take a walk around and look around.

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