Painted Wine Bottles: Italian Lemon

I just completed a commission for a customer that included hand-painting glass bottles. For the most part, I’m naming them “Italian Lemon Painted Glass Bottles” so that I can more clearly identify them and have an easier time identifying them.

She wants me to begin painting these bottles on a consistent basis as soon as possible. I am unaware of the specifics, but I do know that she sells the painted glass to a vineyard in Northern Virginia that is owned by Italians.

This is OK by me since she provides them to me in volume, so even if I just paint two of them, I may as well paint a dozen of them. As a result of the fact that I have to remove all of the paint in order to paint only one piece of glass, the price of the lesser quantity of painted glass will be higher.

Even if I’m not receiving a lot out of this agreement, it’s still wonderful to know that people like the way I paint.

If you are interested in painting on glass, please have a look at the blogs that follow for more instructions:

Painted Wine Bottles  /  Milk Bottles

Therefore, I will make an effort not to upload an excessive amount of the same painted glass bottles with an Italian lemon design.

If you are interested in having something painted, please contact me using this form. At some point in the future, I want to exhibit some of my older works.

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