Recycled Halloween Crafts – Garden Flower Fairy

I had the idea that I would sew Halloween costumes for both of my children this year. For a very long time, I neglected my responsibilities toward my girls. I came up with my own interpretation of garden fairies.

I was considering whether or not to attempt to utilize her getup from the previous year, but given that I get quite thrilled about crafting things and dressing up my children, I decided that I had no choice but to make her into a delicate garden flower fairy instead.

As a result, I was only able to spend $3 total on this outfit since I upcycled all but three of the components. I was able to get the fairy wings, as well as one shimmer skirt and one tulle skirt, from the Dollar Tree. Because all three were somewhat unremarkable, I decided to give them my own unique twist.

All of the artificial flowers and plastic foliage that were on some of my older wreaths were recycled and repurposed by myself. In the event that you do not have any, the Dollar Tree sells a wide variety of low-cost artificial flowers.

I gave a lavender shirt that I acquired at Goodwill a new lease on life by upcycling it. A torn appearance was achieved by cutting the sleeves into sections (green would be pretty for flower fairies too).
It had a v-neck and worked well with the floral arrangement because of its adaptability.

On one side, the majority of the surface is covered with leaves, and there are a few flowers and an old butterfly stuck on here and there (that were a part of her baby shower gifts).

Oh, and just so you know, I completed the majority of this project with hot glue.

On the reverse side of the blouse featuring the fairies, I drew a haphazard design of flowers running down the front of the neck.

I used leaves to create a lining for the bottom of the sparkly skirt.

I trimmed the bottom of the tulle skirt (which is worn over the sparkly one) into points around the full circle. This is how the skirt is worn. In addition, I embellished the top of the skirt with flowers and a hair clip made of feathers.

For the fairies’ initial naked wings, I simply sort of went wild with Mod Podge and glitter, and then, of course, I added flowers and a few of the stick-on butterflies.

For the wand, shoes, and hair clips used by fairies, I… You’ve got it wrong! I added flowers.

Until this point in the project, it was a lot of joy to make this delicate garden flower fairy.

I burned one of my fingers really badly, and the resulting blister was lovely and huge and plump. Oh, the joys and tribulations of being a do-it-yourself upcycler.

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