Reusing of Home Decor Wall Letters

My kid has an excessive number of hair bows, ponytail holders, and ribbons for her hair. It’s all my fault since I started purchasing more and more of them in the first place. It wasn’t that I wanted her to have six different burettes of the same hue; rather, I couldn’t locate them when I needed them and I wanted her to have them.

Before she upcycled them, all of her hair accessories were stored in a single location; however, I was too distracted by the adorable purple apple basket to notice that the contents were a disorganized jumble.

I came to the conclusion that I could put my collection of letters to better use by repurposing them as practical elements of home decor wall displays.

These are hardly groundbreaking ideas, but they are straightforward and helpful if you have a young daughter.

It would be wonderful if you had a letter that you could recycle. Ribbon and hot glue are the only things you will need to complete this project.

You should also check out this other collection of reused and recycled hair accessories here.

I started by painting the letter in the colors from her decor. I used a purple sharpie to draw some henna doodles or zentangles on the paper.

I used the thinner, purple ribbon, and put it in the center of the wider, teal ribbon with the polka dot pattern. The home decoration wall letters have the two panels fixed onto the back of them.

In addition to that, I used the ribbon to create tiebacks for her room. How simple!

You only need to hang it up, and you’ll have a ribbon display as well as a practical way to reuse decorative wall letters in your house.

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