Simple Ways to Upcycled Autumn Mantle Décor

When it comes to the holidays, not having to dig out a huge stockpile of decorations can make life a lot less complicated, can’t it? I have some suggestions for you that will help you accomplish basic upcycled style autumn mantle décor.

Therefore, let’s begin with the repurposed pumpkin used as a flower planter. You can see how I pieced it together here if you look closely. This is an absolute must when creating upcycled Christmas decorations.

In this section, you can also see a demonstration of how to create empty frames. I paid a few bucks for the wreath when I purchased it at a secondhand shop. White paint was used to cover the imitation vegetation that was a mauve tint.

I used a silver serving plate to hold the beautiful balls that I had. The two grapevine balls I purchased at JoAnn’s since they were on sale (affiliate link, see disclosure). The ball in the center has been reused. You’ll find instructions on how to create these twine balls at this link.

The apothecary bottles are acquired from antique stores by myself. I simply positioned a magnolia blossom and a pine cone inside the container. I used a candle holder made of wood to display the actual pumpkin I had purchased. I used chrome spray paint to give it a metallic sheen (affiliate link).

This year, give upcycled autumn mantle décor with just a few simple touches a try. You will have more time to prepare the Thanksgiving meal that you will host.

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