Thrift Store Mirror Makeover 2023 [Nautically Themed]

I spent somewhere around seven dollars on an antique mirror that I found at the CHKD resale store. I didn’t simply want to paint it; I wanted to do more. It was a mirror that had been purchased at a thrift shop and had been converted into a travel reflection.

What a fancy name, huh? Even though the mirror from the thrift shop wasn’t very sophisticated, I managed to make it into a focal point that was both understated and unique. This one is perfect for you if you like nautically themed décor.

Priming it first with paint was necessary due to the paper veneer that was used for the frame. Check out these other suggestions for painting or repurposing inexpensive furniture. It is imperative that you begin by wiping the frame down with a clean towel.

After that, I used some very fine sandpaper to give the thrift shop mirror the illusion that it had been used for quite some time.

It seemed as if the section that had a convex contour in the center of the frame would be an ideal spot to mod podge. As a result, I got started on drafting out my naval Army maps.

After measuring and cutting the strips to size, I got started adhering them to the surface. After everything was dry, I coated it with a very thin coating of Mod Podge.

This thrift shop mirror that has been transformed into a trip reflection is a wonderful addition to the home now that the dated grapes have been removed.

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