Upcycled Craft: Creative Silverware Holder [From Porcelain Turkey]

To incorporate this year’s Thanksgiving spread into my customary theme of self-service, I made a container for cutlery to be used at the buffet. It’s not that I don’t like the concept as well as the overall appearance of a stunning Thanksgiving table arrangement; on the contrary, I do.

Having said that, taking into consideration how congested my eating area is, it is merely simpler to take a plate that is located next to the meal. The presence of my closest friends, who are also like family, in different parts of the globe contributes to a more relaxed environment, and I no longer feel the need to impress.

The next thing on the Thanksgiving upcycling list is a cute porcelain turkey that I discovered at a local thrift shop. It has a gap in the center of its body. Because doing so would have resulted in a chaotic mess, it could not have been designed to function as a gravy dish. I came to the conclusion that the most practical use for it would be as a holder for buffet silverware.

This turkey had an incredible flavor and a wonderful texture. The hues, on the other hand, are not so much. Because the ceramic turkey had been painted in a very literal fashion, I decided to give it a more elegant appearance.

I used chrome-colored metallic spray paint made by Rustoleum, and I sprayed it using a spray can. It is also available at this location. The paint brought out all of the turkey’s intricate characteristics. The technique was straightforward and resulted in an end product that looked nothing like it had been manufactured at home (not that there is anything wrong with that; I’m just saying that). On Joss and Main, I came across some Thanksgiving decorations that resembled turkeys.

Can you make out the cornucopia in the backdrop there? That was painted by my grandmother, most likely when I was a young kid. She was responsible for the creation of many ceramics. It was stuffed with Magnolia cones by myself (or carpels). Look at how I’ve utilized them to adorn this place!

Have you seen the antique silverware? In addition, it belonged to my grandma.

We appreciate your stopping by. What do you use as a holder for the cutlery at your Thanksgiving buffet?

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