Valentine Heart Wreath Craft: Beginner Guide [Environmental-Friendly]

Use a Valentine wreath to express your affection for the natural world this year. Please consider upcycling your plastic bags and telling the truth about our future out of love for our community. (Of course, it’s adorable in its own right. The bags, when seen from a distance, resemble feathers.)

This wreath is perfect for Valentine’s Day since it costs so little but represents so much more. Demonstrate to people that achieving beauty in art and décor does not need the expenditure of a significant amount of resources.

The following items were utilized as building materials: a number of white plastic bags, a metal coat hanger, craft wire, and refrigerator letter magnets.

These are the steps to make a simple Valentine wreath: To begin, give your coat hanger some rounded edges. Remove the handles and the bottoms from the supermarket bags you have. It should be cut into four equal pieces. Each component must have the dimensions of a long rectangle that is at least 6 inches wide.

Fold each of the individual pieces into an accordion shape. Hang it up using the tie you have. Continue doing this until the whole item has been coated.

You have the option of leaving the ends as a straight blunt cut or making a circle cut as I did. Now take the flower petals and separate them.

To make the pendant, I began by winding craft wire in gold around the coat hanger and working my way down towards the center. Leave enough room for the bottom to be bent into the shape of a heart. Attach another piece of craft wire to the vertical one by twisting them together. Make sure you leave adequate space to affix your letters. To form hearts with these ends, just bend them into position.

I love you so much that I used some of my children’s refrigerator letter magnets to create the phrase. This Valentine’s Day, demonstrate your affection for the natural world by making a wreath in the shape of a heart and hanging it on your door.

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